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    Hi all,

    We now have 3D printed brass Dolberg Chassis and Timber Wagon add on's available in our Shapeways shop

    These are available in brass only as the extra weight is required to ensure good running. Due to the material and 3D printing process they are expensive and I have little control over the price.

    The main advantage is that they are incredibly easy to build and can be assembled with glue rather than solder.

    All that is required are wheels and axles which are available from myself if required and will appear in the shop soon.

    Timber Wagon


    All for now,




  2. Hi all,

    All 7mm kits O&K kits have now been sold, I've just started to put a new batch together and they should be ready in approx 6 weeks.

    Let me know if you are intrested so I can try and produce enough. I'm also hoping to finally get the closed cab version available.



  3. Hi all,

    A very quick March update,

    I have managed to get a few more Mashima motors for the 7mm O&K MD2 kit, should be available again in a couple of weeks. These sell out as soon as I can put the kits together so check back soon.

    Slight delay with the R&R as I want to change a couple of parts on the etches, not to long now though I hope.

    All for now and happy spring modelling,








    Hi all,

    A quick update for January, we now have only a few Bogie Timber Wagons left, this will be the last for a while as the moulds for the chassis axle box castings need to be renewed.

    The Ransomes and Rapier loco kit while be ready soon, everything has been finalised and I hope to release this in the next month or so.

    One or two items are now available in my Shapeways shop as 3D printed items, this will be an expanding range that will increase over the coming months,

    I have managed to get a small amount of Mashima motors suitable for the 7mm version of the O&K MD2. These are due to arrive any time now so the full kits will be available again very soon.

    More updates on the R&R coming soon,