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  1. Hi all,

    Quick update,

    I'm currently having issues obtaining Mashima motors, they are on order but due to them being discontinued I'm not sure if they will arrive or not!!

    I have limited motors for both the 1:43 and 1:35 loco kits, although there are still several 1:35 kits available. I have one kit with motor for the 1:43 kits so have also made these available without motor for those who have one already or can source their own.

    Wheels and castings should be here soon for the 1:35 wagon kits so fingers crossed these wont be to long now.

    Ransomes and Rapier kit now not far off production and I will soon be completing hopefully the last test build, watch out for photos of the build on the blog in the new year.

    Still one or two Baldwins available for those interested. 

    All for now, have a good Christmas and more updates to follow.




  2. Hi all


    Latest update and pictures of Baldwin,

    Details of cost and how to order a model are now displayed in the 1:35 locomotives section of the shop.

    Below is a photo of the first running chassis,  



    Please get in touch if you would like further details or see here,


    We have a new delivery of wheels arriving soon so skip and logging wagons available again soon,


    All for now,





    Hi all,

    Latest shots of the Baldwins now well under construction, all parts have been designed and going together well.

    These pics will give you some idea how many will be available,

     IMG_0626[1]  IMG_0627[1]
     IMG_0628[1]  IMG_0631[1]


    There will only be eight models available in this first run, please let me know if intrested, price to be anounced shortly,


    All for now,



  4. Hi all,

    Latest news on the Baldwin and some pics,

    All etches and lost wax parts now completed and construction has started. Photos below show the latest test build well underway with more pics to follow soon. Just to reiterate this is a very limited run, price is to be confirmed but please let me know of serious interest,

    IMG_0618[1]  IMG_0619[1] 
     IMG_0621[1]  IMG_0625[1]



    More updates coming soon,




    Hi all,

    Price of Generator and tool car set has been set at £150 GBP plus postage, which will be ready to run, built and painted.

    Production will be limited to about 10 sets at this stage. A deposit of £30 GBP will secure a set,

    Please let me know,


    A few more 1:43 MD2 kits back in stock but going fast!!


    All for now,





    Hi all,

    Some nice photos of the 1:35 scale Tool and Generator cars now complete and painted by Bernard Snoodyk,


     IMG_0408[1]  IMG_0407[1]
     IMG_0414[1]  IMG_0417[1]



    These will be a limited edition run and a small deposit will be required, please e-mail me if interested and I will get back to you in due course with further details.

    Check back soon for more updates,



  7. Hi all,

    A few pics of possible kits for the future, the first being  a scaled-down version of the US Army WWI tank car. This has been modified slightly to use our standard skip frames as a wagon to run behind the Baldwin 35Hp loco.

     couple more for the Blog IMG_0396[1] 


    The next is a small welding/tool wagon based upon our skip frame chassis.
    Please let us know if you would like to see these as kits, if we recieve enough intrest and they appear popular enough, they will be produced in the near future,
    All for now,