Decauville Update 14/10/23

The Decauville kit is slowley coming together but has seen numerous delays whilst I have been trying to obtain parts which became unavailable during Covid. Most of these parts have now become available again and those that havent have been changed for alternatives.

I now feel the kit will be close to release early next year and apologise for the delays. 

Decauville update page

The Decauville kit has been delayed due to difficulties obtaining parts and getting etches produced due to the Covid Pandemic. I am slowly getting this back on track and significant progress on the kit has now been made.

I'm now estimating release towards the end of Summer  2022 and include a few pics of my current test build. 

Please note that the kit will require considerable expertise and knowledge of building Walschaerts valve gear, quartering wheels and soldering of very small parts. 


Further updates to follow